"Il lavoro non mi piace, non piace a nessuno, ma a me piace quello che c'Ŕ nel lavoro: la possibilitÓ di trovare se stessi."

- J. Conrad

Case Studies

Photo credit: Tonya Perme Photography

Bob & Melissa Neofes Mischak

Business Development :: Sales & Marketing

The Occupational Health Department was in need of a sales and marketing specialist to design a practical, down-to-earth marketing plan. The other goal was to cultivate the B2B relationships in the Bay Area to raise awareness of the top notch medical services in treating work-related injuries.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Created a useable, living & practical marketing plan.
  • Business growth increased in double-digits and continues to climb.
  • Redesigned all collateral materials with fresh, creative thinking.
  • Updated look of corporate website attracting new customers.

Money & Strategic Matters

Trucking Company, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Owner/President of a sixty-five year old trucking company was in need of advice on how to restructure her business' debt and prepare operation for a partnership with an outside, fully-intergrated logistics company.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Successfully guided owner in the preparation of revised financial statements and negotiated with bank to a mutually-agreed upon and a workable restructuring of debt.
  • Coached client to make complex situations manageable.
  • Owner gained increased confidence, peace of mind, risk analysis methodologies, market comparisons, reality of choice and peace of mind, resulting in a successful alliance with well-established logistics company.

Business Development :: Sponsorship Acquisition

WellPoint Health Networks

The Sales Support Department at WellPoint needed a Sponsorship Acquisition expert for this EXPO event honoring top producers in the individual and small group broker market. This multi-year contract targeted key sponsors specializing in this market niche.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Created long lasting, revenue generating relationships with sponsors.
  • Filled Trade Show Exhibition Hall with exciting, engaging exhibitors.
  • Cultivated relationships through dogged approach to contacting and attracting sponsors.
  • Multi-year contract increased sponsorship presence & income stream generating on average $200,000.

Master Juggler

Advertising Agency, San Francisco, CA

Agency Founder and President realized their current information system was not providing useful data to management, employees and clients.

Deliverables & Benefits:
  • Reviewed MIS proposal and contract from vendor and checked references in order to advise client whether or not to proceed with this software choice
  • Currently serving as software implementation project manager, freeing owner to work on her client demands while this roll out moves steadily forward

Team Enrichment :: Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation

The University of California, San Francisco - Work/Life Resource Center

The Work/Life Resource Center at UCSF wanted a facilitator skilled in Appreciative Inquiry to conduct three (3) separate all-day retreats designed to enhance collaborative partnerships and brand a new image.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Strategic breakthroughs on department positioning
  • Tactical enrichment activities focused on communication, active listening skills and leadership development
  • A model for group creative problem solving

Money & Strategic Matters

Quarter Horse Breeder, Durango, CO

Ranch owner was rapidly growing his breeding operations and needed a de facto CFO to oversee his business/personal finances during this period of expansion.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Installed an accounting and financial reporting system that enabled the client to capture useful data for managing his operation, especially cost accounting related to breeding stock inventory
  • Created business and personal financial budgets that aided in cost containment
  • Served as liaison to tax, investment and legal professionals related to ranch and personal matters which freed client to focus on his core business

Team Enrichment :: Powerful Communications

Controller's Office, Kaiser Permanente

The Controller's Office built-in this workshop into their orientation program for new hires and for leadership development purposes. This all-day public speaking course taught participants the art of powerful presentations by finding their authentic voice, improving confidence and understanding how to pull together an effective presentation to C-level executives.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Increased confidence through constant coaching & feedback during Course
  • Actively engaged participants by providing winning ways to relate to their audience (typically doctors and C-level executives)
  • Designed course material that consistently won the top marks of excellence based on participant feedback

Master Juggler

Individual Investor, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Expat living in Italy was in need of someone to demystify their personal finances and investments at home and abroad.

Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Prepared personal financial statement and long term cash flow analysis which provided client with clear picture of all assets and investments.
  • Using info above educated client on short term investments, discussed financing for real estate purchase and prospective tax issues.
  • Client was able to gain a better, more understandable picture of their economic situation and became more confident in directing their own financial affairs.