"I saggi imparano molte cose dai loro nemici."

- Aristofane

About Tsirigo’s Orbit

We Drive Your Business Success by Keeping It Simple

Photo of Buildings in Mikonos


Tsirigo philosophy. We believe that no business should be an island. Tsirigo's Orbit is a global business consulting group skilled at driving companies in unimaginable ways to be more successful.

Tsirigo's Orbit is built upon the idea of simplicity. In fact, the words of acclaimed architect I.M. Pei speak to the philosophy of our business: "You must simplify, you must make the complex simple and, then, you must make it work!" We take this approach by offering services that boost sales, focus on money & strategic matters, enrich teams, and save you time.

What's in a name? If "Tsirigo" sounds Greek to you, you'd guess right! Tsirigo, also known as Kythera or the Italian name of Cerigo, is part of the Ionian islands. You'll find this Island of Aphrodite perched below the Eastern tip of the large isle of Peloponnese.

A bit of twisted history. For centuries when naval transportation was the only means of travel, Tsirigo was strategically positioned for merchant trade. However, its hidden place—the Greek translation of the name—was also a drawback subjecting the island to a stream of conquerors and pirates. In fact one conqueror, the Venetians, ruled for nearly 400 years. Their rule divided the island culture between the Greeks and the Italians including language, culture, and customs.

The business connection. How can the challenges the island of Tsirigo faced compare to the challenges businesses face today? In short, our work is designed to:
  • Solidify your strategies
  • Expand your territory
  • Fortify your infrastructure

Why Tsirigo? In the early 1900's, a Kytherian, George H. Neofotistos, immigrated to the United States. This adventurous, self-made man is the paternal grandfather of Melissa Neofes Mischak, founder of Tsirigo's Orbit. His entrepreneurial legacy continues.

Working together. The team at Tsirigo's Orbit is poised to partner with you on a number of levels:
  • Creating dynamic Plans that make sense and work
  • Execute the plans through collaboration and training
  • Consulting on-site as part of your team for a defined period of time